Team Lucky Craft – Tak Omori Season in Jeopardy

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LuckyCraftBlogA few years ago I had a problem with my little finger on my left hand. Back then I went to New York to see a doctor and they gave me a cortisone shot that has helped for a few years. Lately, the pain has increased and moved up my hand and into my wrist and has made it nearly impossible for me to fish. I don’t have any other fishing related injuries and have never had anything like this before. With a little more than six weeks until my first scheduled tournament I am headed to the Orthopedic doctor today to see what the problem is and what can be done.

It is tough for me to even think about fishing right now but, I’m still preparing for the season as though I am going to fish. Last week I went to Toledo Bend and just drove around the lake looking at the hydrilla, ditches, points and other stuff because the water is down. Other than checking out a few lakes by just driving around and looking at them I haven’t been able to do too much. I haven’t been able to actually fish but, I am hoping I will be ready for the season but, at this point I just don’t know.

Usually this time of year I head back to Japan to visit my family, but this year I decided not to. I am focused on getting my left hand healed enough so that I can fish this season.

I wish I had better news right now but, it is really up to the doctors and my wrist healing quite a bit before I will be able to continue to fish. I am not sure if changing the way I fish is an option but, it may come to that. Making thousands of casts a day is simply too much for my hand and wrist to handle right now and unless the doctors figure out the injury and a solution for it my season is in jeopardy. Six weeks isn’t very long I just hope by the time the season gets here I will be ready to go. I will report back with my blog with any progress in the near future.