Advanced Review – Abu Garcia Veritas 7.0 Medium Heavy Casting Rod

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by Jason Duran

DCIM100GOPROFor the last several months I have been fishing the Abu Garcia Veritas 7’0” medium-heavy casting rod.  When I first picked up this rod, I was really impressed.  The first thing I said was “wow that’s a light rod.”  Then I looked at the price tag and expected it to be expensive.  I was really shocked at how affordable it was.  So, when I took it out fishing, I was expecting it to be just another light-weight cookie cutter inexpensive rod.  I took it out fishing not really expecting anything other than just another rod to have in the box.  It did not take long to see this rod live up to its name “Veritas” the goddess of truth and the mother of virtue.

2 Rod Review guidesWhen I started fishing with it I really began to notice how sensitive this rod is.  This rod features 30 Ton Graphite construction.  This construction is what makes the rod sensitive.  Abu Garcia says the higher the tonnage, the stiffer the fibers in the rod.  This helps transfer even the most subtle strike to your hand so you can feel it.  A great feature of this rod is the nine plus tip titanium alloy micro guides with SiC inserts that really make this rood feel balanced in your hand and not tip heavy.  The line casts very smoothly through these guides.

DCIM100GOPROThe handle features a high density EVA foam that even has a good grip when it is wet.  The reel seat is a two piece double anodized aluminum screw down that makes a solid connection with the reel.  The exposed reel seat also allows you to feel even more of the rod in your hand.

Extra hooksetThis rod has lots of backbone with just enough tip to make great cast. I get excited on the hook set and often fish really heavy matted grass.  I expect and need my rods to hold up to that.  This rod again exceeded my expectations.  Notice in the picture above how well the rod loads up on hookset. It allows for plenty of room for fighting large fish and still has the backbone to even swing them in the boat with no worries of the rod breaking. This rod has such a smooth finish and is very durable.  Abu Garca says this rod is 2.5 times the impact resistance of standard graphite rods. You can really feel that strength when you hook a fish.

5 RodandfishI probably put this rod to a little more than what it was designed for on my few months out fishing with it. I caught fish wrapped up in lots of grass and pulled it all in.  I wanted to see how well this rod held up. I am glad to say it passed the tests I could put it through.  This Tennessee River Smallmouth put up a great fight and the Veritas got the job done.  If you are looking for a rod that wont break the bank and still has the features found in a much higher price range give the Abu Garcia Veritas a try.  Do not be fooled by the price tag and the light weight of this rod.  I am sure you will find one that fits your style of fishing.

This rod truly is the “mother of virtue.”