James Niggemeyer – BDay and New Boat

Bucks Falcon Mercury

NiggemeyerBlogBeen a couple of busy weeks here, my wife; my mom came in last week for my son’s birthday, so I was able to spend a little bit of time with my mom; she still lives in California, so it was nice to have her over and celebrate my son Daniel’s birthday.

It was his sixth birthday; he had a shark piñata that my wife Sandy made; she’s kinda of “crafty,” and got a little artistic thing going on. It came out really neat, looked like a great white shark, so the kids had a blast with that. A bunch of kids came over; from school and some other friends we have. So they had a big time; Sandy made a homemade cake and so we were really able to celebrate that together and it was just a good time for everybody.

This week here, I have been guiding on Lake Fork; the bite has been – been catching some fish, but the bite is not red hot – but catching some fish on a Strike King Series3 and also a KVD 1.5 and also flippin’ a green pumpkin Rage Craw around some stump root systems and some stuff like that along the creek channel.

So, it has been a little bit of a busy kind of stretch here and now I am actually on my way to Bass Cat to go pick up my tour rig for 2012. Kind of excited about that; got the new Yamaha SHO on there; dual Power Poles; Atlas Jack Plate, Hummingbird Electronics.

Pretty excited! Going to be a pretty neat rig to run. It is the new Cougar FTD that Bass Cat makes and it has got some new detailing on the cap and some different things that they have done to it. Perhaps I can shoot a couple of different photos and get that out to you guys as well, but just a really neat boat, really excited about it; really excited about running the Yamaha 250 SHO again. So we are on the way to pick that up, and then immediately after that I will head to the Strike King Writer’s Conference on Kentucky Lake.

So it is going to be a go-go-go deal, and after that is done I will head straight over to Table Rock for the Bassmaster Open in Branson, Missouri.
That’s kind of it for right now; I’ll talk with you soon and I appreciate you guys checking in!