James Watson – Selecting a “Life on the Road” Partner

Power Pole

by James Watson

Being a tournament fisherman – especially for a living, is difficult.  Take for example the expenses.  Someone might try to cut down on them by selecting a roommate for cost cutting, but also someone to talk to.

Being on the road’s not easy, but part of making things easier on the road is having a good roommate. I’m normally somebody that you could share a room with go to dinner with go to tackle stores, but also information while you’re out there trying to make a living.

Some roommates they draw a line and they don’t discuss anything about fishing and they keep out of that network for people. While some people like myself have roommates that you discuss, in somewhat detail, bites that might make a difference, might make the check, the top ten or even make a double classic appearance.

Finally, a Police Officer who stopped my just to say hi…

You’ve got to have a roommate that you can trust, that when they tell you something it is legitimate. Another thing about discussing and talking to people while on the road, don’t spread yourself out too thin. You don’t need to discuss items with a bunch of people, one or two people is all you need to discuss things with.

Some people opt out not to receive any help or any information, take any advice from someone and that’s fine. But if you choose to talk and discuss things, my bit of advice to you is don’t spread yourself out!

Take that one trustworthy individual, probably your roommate, and discuss only things with him. Otherwise you’re letting the cat out of the bag and you’re spreading yourself to thin.

I hope that helps you out in your tournament fishing. If you see me on the road, flag the Police Security Xtreme Flashlights rig down and ask about fishing tips or any thing else you might like…



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