Advanced Video How-to – Punching 201 – The Advanced Course – with Ish Monroe

Bucks Falcon Mercury

Last week, we ran a video with Ish Monroe on the topic of Punching – we called it Punching 101.  That video received a significant amount of views, but as it ran; it was truly an introduction to Punching with Monroe.  He touched on the concept of Punching and discussed some of the equipment needed for the technique.

We wanted to bring you more.  We met up with Monroe again to Elevate the Lesson to the Next Level, and put together this Punching 201 – The Advanced Course video so that you could get more in-depth with the technique.

In this Advanced course, Monroe actually shows you the gear he uses, walks you through how to rig it, then takes you to a patch of cover on the California Delta to actually explain how he sees a field of matted vegetation, identifies the potential hotspots in it and demonstrates how he approaches it, along with tips for presenting the lure, and concepts for retrieving hooked bass.

This truly is the main course to the appetizer we got with Punching 101.

Sit back, and learn how Ish Monroe uses Punching to his advantage on tour, and his favorite bodies of water.