Ish Monroe – Okeechobee Slugfest

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IshBlogFlorida slugfest – what can I say? Florida slugfest.

Actually, half of it was a slugfest. St. John’s didn’t go so well for me; you know, I made some bad mental decisions and it cost me really bad – having the worst finish in my history of tournament fishing – almost last!

But that’s the way it goes sometimes – that’s whey they call it fishing and not catching.

But let’s talk about something positive – let’s talk about Okeechobee slugfest smackdown; 30-pound bag – I mean, what more can you ask for? 30 pound bags – the D Bomb was in full effect – dropped bombs on ‘em baby – D Bombs; River2Sea Trash Bomb; Paycheck Baits Bunch Skirt; I even put the D Bomb on a jig and still caught them – it was just game on!

You know, it was catching just so many 7’s and 8’s that I can’t even see straight anymore.

But I’m off FLW Tour at Table Rock and I don’t think it’s going to compare! I mean, nothing else is going to compare to the slugfest at Lake Okeechobee – that lake is back on it’s way back to being the number one lake in the country for bass fishing. It is extremely awesome.

I don’t get too much time to enjoy the win – it is back on the road again; head to Table Rock Lake for the FLW event and then heading to Norman for the BASS Open.

People are probably saying you’re insane – yeah! I am, but I love tournament fishing and I love winning, so the more tournaments you fish, the more opportunities you have to win, so, off to another tournament!

Until next week, have fun, catch some fish and go get yourself some D Bombs!