The Adventures of Massole – Teaching the Pros to Speak Massole

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Massole with Mike Iaconelli

Massole instructing Mike Iaconelli in the Aht of Speaking Massole

We’re not quite sure how he did it, but our… ahem… friend Massole broke himself away from his case of Shipyahd Punkin brew long enough to sneak into the Bassmaster Classic Media Day in Tulsa to an attempt to teach the pros how to speak Massole.

Using some of his favorite lines from Boston themed movies, Massole took the time to try and instruct the pros to use the proper South Boston accent with quotes from the street in his neighborhood in Southie, as well as movie lines from some of his favorite movies; such as, Good Will Huntin’, The Depahted, The Town and Ted.

The interaction with the pros is priceless.  Here is Massole’s attempt to infuse a little South Bahston into professional anglers, Randy Howell, Mike Iaconelli, Josh Bertrand, Ott DeFoe and James Watson.