Video Pro Tip – How and Why John Crews uses the T-H Marine Atlas Hydraulic Jackplate

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There are so many performance advantages to running a jackplate on a bass boat.  Any kind of set back plate will make a bass boat come out of the hole better, can make it run faster and even corner better.

Make that plate a hydraulic plate and the benefits in performance and even fishability skyrocket.

One plate on the market, the Atlas Hydraulic jackplate has even more benefits that include space for rigging because of the pump and motor being inside the plate and not in the boat, and space age design that requires no lubrication, which makes for a cleaner rigging for the life of the boat.

John Crews is an Elite Series pro who understands how beneficial it is to rig an Atlas, and he shares those reasons with us here, as well as how to use it while operating your vessel.