Video Product Test – Inflatable PFD

Bucks Falcon Mercury

A couple of weeks ago,we ran a story about safety as a result of a boating accident that cost a California Delta angler his life.  We wanted to stir other anglers to think about their personal safety and how selecting a personal flotation device could impact them.

We contacted Mustang Survival, pro anglers and decided to run a test with the Mustang hydrostatic inflatable PFD to see how it responded to different layers of clothing on the same individual.

We tested it with shorts, t-shirt, socks and shoes, then added jeans and a hoodie and finally an uninsulated rain suit to see what the effect was on the buoyancy of the device.

We filmed the whole thing and would like for you all to watch, then consider your own use of personal flotation devices, and by all means, commit to always war them, even when not in a tournament.