Angler Contingency website Launches

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Contingense_LogoFebruary 8, 2016 – Mansfield, AR – recently launched their new website late last week. The site focuses on supporting the need for outdoor enthusiasts to seek, and enroll in contingency programs from one central website, rather than searching the web, and learning through various other methods, which are all time consuming.

The main function of the website creates a listing directory for the programs, which all URL’s point back to their original website. Site visitors will be able to either search or browse contingency categories, give their individual review, and enroll in the programs which best fit their passion.

Jason Baggett, Contingense Developer, stated, “The idea started on the show floor at the 2014 Bassmasters Classic, in Alabama. After learning that nothing existed, I went to work. Our goal is that consumers use it as a tool. Our hope is that we’re given an opportunity to close gaps with the current, and potential contingency programs to create a more unified approach. It will be a Win-Win for everyone involved.”

Contingense acts as a play on words utilizing “Contingency” and “Sense” which companies who utilize these programs see increased sales, exposure, and create a loyal brand army.

Baggett added, “Once we get past the initial launch, we’re gong to work on phase two which incorporates programs on a wider focus. Some of that framework already exists on the site. We’re already in development of a sister site that will parallel”

For more information, please visit the company’s website: