Fishouflage Shows Your Fishing Identity

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Greenville, WI – Camouflage was born of necessity. Used for battledress as early as WWI, these environment-mimicking patterns concealed soldiers from enemy eyes. In the late 1970s, a similar premise was adopted by progressive big game hunters to obscure themselves from prey. And so began the modern camo race; numbers of big-time players out-patterning each other to make gunners and archers even more invisible than the season before.

A ‘coolness’ factor surfaced. Bulrush camo hats with bark and leaf patterned jackets occupied bar stools from coast to coast, even a church pew or two. Fishing, however, was left out of the mix. Anglers didn’t have a lifestyle pattern to proudly sport their colors.

So a couple of fishing diehards got together to camouflage the waterways. No, their motivation wasn’t to hide from fish. Rather, these fishing-fanatics wanted to establish a legacy look and develop premium patterns that exalted their passion: FISHING.

Now, the impassionate angler can express their love for the outdoors just like the bow and bullet guys. This demonstration of passion is called Fishouflage – patented patterns incorporating immaculate underwater photography, digital rendering, and the latest in high definition imaging to achieve unsurpassed realism. Fishouflage is no Dr. Seuss “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” kids’ book. These fish swim across the fabric waterscape amidst 100% visually accurate structure and cover.

Freshwater and saltwater habitats are designed with a rich reality, while the actual fish renderings are like gazing below the water’s surface. Further dialing in each angler’s particular species affinity, Fishouflage is available in six unique patterns: Bass, Walleye, Crappie, Muskie, European Carp and saltwater hero, Redfish.

Fishouflage brand apparel is all about quality with long lasting, high performing fabrics engineered for comfort and freedom of movement. You’ll immediately notice the elite attention to detail in every piece of casualwear from short- and long-sleeve tees to pullovers, hooded sweatshirts, shorts and more.

Millions of anglers across the globe demanded their own picture-perfect fashion statement. Fishouflage is that lifestyle look.

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Available worldwide, Fishouflage is the ultimate expression of the fishing lifestyle. Beyond species-specific premium outerwear, Fishouflage patterns are surfacing on pieces of popular fishing gear, such as Ardent reels, Evercast rods, Plano tackle bags and rod cases, and Pro Seat Covers for your boat and truck. Watch for other cooperative Fishouflage product releases in 2014.