Fred Roumbanis to Run with Legend Boats

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Fred Roumbanis Joins Legend Boats Pro StaffMidway, AR – Three-tour angler Fred Roumbanis has joined Legend Boats for the 2014 Elite Series, FLW Tour and PAA seasons. Roumbanis will be running the new Legend V-20, which touts the widest and longest front deck in the industry.

Roumbanis has been enjoying his new Legend since the conclusion of the Bassmaster Classic where the new V-20 was introduced, and had this to say: “This boat is the perfect combination of speed, smooth ride, and fishability. It screams, rides incredibly well, and this front deck is huge. As the old saying goes, a boat doesn’t catch fish, but it will certainly get me there faster, safer, and make fishing a lot more comfortable. More importantly, Legend as a company is incredible to work with. They’ve already taken some of my suggestions to heart and will be implementing them soon. I am proud to be part of the Legend family.”

Legend Brand Manager Kody Bradbury said, “We couldn’t be more excited to have Fred running the all new V-20. This is the most exciting product launch in the history of our company, and to be able to have Fred showing it off on all three major tours this year worked out perfectly”.

Roumbanis has already experienced the benefit of running a Legend Boat, and stated “This past week at Lake Seminole, I had a near catastrophic accident. A boater made a sharp left turn right in front of me and I had to veer off to the side, through the timber, and then cut back into the channel, all at a very high speed. Without the exceptional handling of this Legend, I was in big trouble. What could have ended up catastrophic ended up being pretty cool, because now I know what this boat can do, and let me tell you, it handles like a sports car on water.”

Roumbanis, who landed the largest fish caught at the 2014 Bassmaster Classic, is already three events into his estimated 20 tournament season. This week Roumbanis will be running the St. John’s River in his new Legend V-20.

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