Massole Meets His Idols at Bass University

Power Pole

In February, The Bass University made its stop at Worcester, MA.

Massole heard that anglers like Mike Iaconelli, John Crews, Randy Howell and Ott Defoe were going to be close to Southie neighborhood and decided to swing by.  He contacted us and said he would like to practice interviewing anglers for his upcoming trip to the Bassmaster Classic.  He said he would record the interviews and send them to us for critiquing.  He must have found himself a supply of Shipyard Pumpkin or Sam Adams because the footage was lost. We heard that he really enjoyed himself at The bass University, and rumor has it he tried to kiss another man’s wife goodnight – but that may not have gone so well.

Well, apparently, he recovered from his stupor fast enough to make it to the Classic, then from his celebrating after the Classic and he found the lost footage and was able to send the videos to us.

This set includes Randy Howell, the eventual Bassmaster Classic Champion helping out a poor misguided soul as he was trying to film a health tips video for Massole.

Anyway, enjoy Massole’s Day at The Bass University – we hope you learn how NOT to interview in these videos.

Massole Meets Ott Defoe

Massole Meets John Crews

Massole Meets Randy Howell

Massole Meets Mike Iaconelli