Justin Lucas Signs with Rigid Industries

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FLW Tour Pro Justin Lucas Joins Rigid Industries Team

Mesa, Ariz. – FLW Tour Pro Justin Lucas has joined the Rigid Industries Torture Team.  Lucas who is in his fourth season as an FLW Tour pro has won over $435,000 with FLW Outdoors.

Rigid Industries, makers of forward projecting LED lighting for every industry including police, mining, off road, commercial trucking, agriculture and marine, is quickly becoming the lighting option of anglers everywhere.  Rigid Industries’ efficient LED lighting systems offer 50,000 hours of use lifespan and the most LUX (brightness) available on the market today. They also use as much as 50% less power than any other lighting system on the market.

Lucas stated, “Rigid Industries lighting is incredible. It not only allows me the light I need to work on tackle and organize my boat after dark, it keeps me safe while I drive. As professional anglers, we spend a lot of hours on the road. Having additional lighting on the trailer makes it easier to be seen by other drivers. Occasionally I get a flat tire on the road and sometimes it happens at night.  Having the bright LED Rigid Industries lights will help make changing a tire in the dark that much easier. Not too mention, they just make the whole rig look sick!”

Rigid Industries believes in Justin Lucas. Dave Davis, Director of Sales for Rigid Industries said, “Justin is a perfect match for our company. He’s a very well spoken young angler with a huge fishing career ahead of him. He’s the perfect complement to Brandon Palaniuk on the Elite Series.  Together, I believe we have two of the most talented young anglers on each tour.”