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A Lure Challenge introduces new fishing techniques presented by various pros fishing different brands.


Garden City, Long Island, NY – Sept 13, 2016 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE)   Fishing tackle ecommerce giant, Eposeidon (www.eposeidon.com) , has partnered one its brands, KastKing®, a manufacturer of fishing reels, fishing lines, and fishing rods with the ‘A Lure Challenge‘ video series.
A Lure Challenge is a video series to challenge anglers to drop their comfort lures and try something new.  The A Lure Challenge series is produced by The Fisherman’s Journal Magazine and directed by its editor-in-chief, Darryl Barrs, Jr. KastKing® is the exclusive reel, rod, and line supplier for video the series that begins airing on Youtube later next month.
In the informative and entertaining video series the The Fisherman’s Journal ‘s  crew puts a new lure through the test in each episode to see if it has what it takes to catch big fish — giving viewers insider tips and tricks on how the lure works and the best techniques to maximize the lure’s fishing power.
 “Most anglers buy the same lure over and over again. There are so many brands out there to try. If anglers knew about them and the proper way to fish them, I believe they may broaden their prospective and get them away from their comfort lures, “says Mr. Barrs.  “With over a dozen lure manufactures signed on to participate, the shows will give viewers plenty of lure testing action by special guest professionals from top tournaments and other experts.”
Among Mr. Barrs’ special guests presenting techniques on the show are pro and veteran anglers including, Capt. C.A. Richardson, Shane Coovert, Brian Latimer, Anthony ‘5oz’ Hunt,and many more to be named later. Some of the lure brands being demonstrated include: Buggs Fishing Lures, Stanford Lures, Stank X Bait Co, All Terrain Tackle, Eco Pro Tungsten, Fishing Frugal Lures, Lake Fork Lures, Dirty Jigs, 4×4 Jigs, Z-Man, Monster 3x Lures, Unfair Lures, Aqua Dream Living, and Savage Gear.
“We were delighted to be the exclusive supplier of fishing reels, rods, and fishing lines for this informative, ‘how-to’ series,” says Tom Gahan, marketing director at KastKing. “And, we are excited to be featured along with so many other notable talents and brands in the fishing tackle industry.  KastKing® will introduce new innovative products on the show as the series progresses.”
 “About a year ago I switched to using KastKing because of the quality of their products and lower costs,” added Mr. Barrs. “I am happy to partner with them for this new video series and cannot wait for folks to see what we have in store.”