MFT Product Spotlight – Rago 999 Swimmer

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Check out today’s Monster Fishing Tackle Product Product Spotlight – The Rago 999 Swimbait.

The 999 Swimbait, which derives its name from its $9.99 price tag, is a line-thru swimbait that displays an incredible swimming action and detailed profile. From the mind of legendary lure designer Jerry Rago comes the line-thru swimbait to rule them all. A true masterpiece, the 999 swimbait swims with a subtle, seductive tail kick that imitates shad, bluegill, trout and hitch among many others. Rago’s vision to create an affordable, tournament quality swimbait has come to fruition in the 999 swimbait. Constructed from a super soft plastic, this swimbait will swim at all speeds from a tedious crawl to a quick burning retrieve.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the 999 Swimbait is the variety of detailed color patterns available. Rago’s years of pouring experience have enabled him to create these dialed in patterns that replicate a number of bass’s favorite forage species. Monster Fishing Tackle is proud to offer three exclusive colors –Monster Rainbow Trout, Monster Shad and Monster Smelt.

With an affordable price tag, incredible swimming action and excellent colors, the Jerry Rago 999 Line-Thru Swimbait is sure to become a big hit all across the country.

Rago Baits 999 Swimbait Monster Trout