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(Elbow Lake, MN) Professional angler Mike Frisch announced today the launching of a new business venture called School of Fish. Designed as a 3-hour fishing class for upper elementary kids and adults, School of Fish is taught in a fast-paced environment where kids learn about lakes and fish and also learn to tie a fishing knot and rig their own fishing set-up. Additionally, kids leave class with their own rod & reel, tackle pack, and more!

Frisch is a former teacher who also has over two decades as a fishing educator teaching others about the sport he loves through his newspaper/magazine stories, guided fishing trips, radio and television appearances, and seminar presentations.

“Kids today spend so much time on their cell phone, iPods, and such and less and less time outside playing games and being involved in the outdoor sports like fishing,” Frisch stated. “We, as adults, are missing the boat, pun intended, if we don’t do a better job teaching them about the outdoors and giving them opportunities to get involved,” he continued. “That’s the reason we started School of Fish.”

Though School of Fish is a new venture, Frisch has had great success with a similar curriculum in his physical education classes and fishing seminars. “Mike taught fishing to 5th graders here in Ortonville for our walleye club a couple years ago and it was a big hit!” stated Artie Arndt, president of the Big Stone Lake Walleye Club. “The kids learned about fishing, received their own rod & reels, and left excited to fish.”

School of Fish is being offered to fishing/sportsman’s clubs, civic organizations, and retailers. The School is designed as a turn-key opportunity where Frisch’s group provides the materials and does the work, while the local group gets the recognition of providing a great opportunity for their community. “Mike’s presentation was a great way for our club to show our commitment to the next generation,” Arndt added. “When we heard about Mike’s new venture, School of Fish, we were the first to sign up!” he concluded.

Though in its infancy, School of Fish has garnered the support of companies and businesses realizing the benefit of investing in the next generation through this endeavor. Northland Fishing Tackle, KLN Family Brands, Lew’s Fishing, and Soderholm Insurance are 2013 School of Fish supporters.

More details regarding School of Fish, including an information packet, can be secured by contacting Mike Frisch by email at schooloffish@outlook.com or by phone, (218) 731-8141. School of Fish will have an active website and Facebook page in the very near future as well.