Mississippi Studies Bass Movement on Ross Barnett

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JACKSON – Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) Fisheries Biologists have received recapture locations of 47 bass initially tagged and released at the Goshen Springs Landing during the first two weeks of March 2016. Biologists tagged 525 tournament-caught bass to learn about the dispersal behavior of released fish.

Most of the fish were caught on the north side of Hwy 43. Over half of the fish were recaptured near the Goshen Springs Landing and the rip-rap along Hwy 43. Thirty-seven percent of the fish were caught upriver in the Cane Creek and Horseshoe Lake areas, and one fish moved over nine miles to Ratliff Ferry. Only six bass were recaptured in the main lake south of Hwy 43. One of those fish was recaptured near Twin Harbors after moving over 8 miles.  2302094-png

“We thank the anglers who reported catching a tagged bass, and we want them to continue letting us know when they catch a tagged bass,” said Ryan Jones, Fisheries Biologist.

Anglers who catch a tagged fish are asked to call (601) 432-2212 and provide the tag identification number, recapture location, preferably with GPS coordinates, recapture date, and whether the fish was harvested or released.