Power Pole Charge – Replaces Three Functions in Your Boat

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

Power Pole’s Dan Benson shows what all of the features of the Power Pole CHARGE system are by demonstrating all of the system capabilities in one outing on Lake Kissimmee.

Power Pole CHARGE serves three functions in one system:

Serves as an on Board Charger to charge on shore
Operates as a D/C charger to keep batteries refreshed while running your outboard engine – but it does so smartly, by monitoring the batteries and moving power between batteries – even while fishing on the trolling motor.
Charge serves as an emergency jump starter, by moving power from the trolling motor batteries to the main battery to allow you to start the engine, then Charge will replenish the whole system from the outboard alternator while driving again.

Monitoring the system is also easy on your C Monster app, or on LOWRANCE fishfinders sidebar.

See the video below, and to learn more, visit Power Pole’s website here – CHARGE Marine Power Station