The Bass University Worcester Topics and Weekly Tip

Power Pole

The Bass UniversitySaturday Feb. 8 Speakers and Topics for Worcester, MA class:
Mike Iaconelli
#1. Finesse Plastics
#2. Locating and Catching Bass with Crankbaits
Paul Elias
#1. Power Fishing Techniques for Offshore Bass
#2. Deep Water Tactics and Strategies
Pete Gluszek
#1. Ultra Shallow Tactics
#2. The Carolina Rig

Sunday Feb. 9 Speakers and Topics:

Randy Howell
#1. Topwater Baits
#2. Lipless Crankbaits
John Crews
#1. Drop Shot VS Shaky Head
#2. Learn Your Tools to Help Catch More Fish
Ott DeFoe
#1. Breaking Down a New Lake 101
#2. Become a Better Angler by Using Electronics Deep & Shallow

The Bass University Tip of the Week – with “The Professor” Pete Gluszek
“Suspending jerkbaits, twitch baits, or rip baits.  No matter what you call them, they are one of the best early season techniques to catch bass.  When the water is cold and begins to warm in the spring, this type of technique can sometimes be the most effective way to trigger strikes when other strategies are ineffective.  One of the keys to triggering jerkbait strikes is to implement an erratic retrieve with short pauses.  The colder the water, the longer the pause.  For example, with water temps in the upper 30’s a pause of one minute or more can be the best way to trigger strikes from early season bass.”

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Classes run from 8am to 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday and are located at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA.  Each day there is a hands-on break out session with the pro instructors as well as a question and answer round table discussion.  All Bass University students will receive a limited-time discount code for 15% off, TBU course booklet, t-shirt, loaded tackle gift bag, and more!  There will also be tons of great prizes including a custom Mustang Survival PFD and Bass Cat jacket!  The goal of The Bass University is to help each angler, from beginner to expert, to take their fishing skills to the next level!