Boyd Duckett – All Men are Not Created Equal

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DuckettBlogAll men are not created equal. Here’s the proof.

While we were in Del Rio, Texas filming our Major League Fishing event, a few of us had an off day. With a little time to kill, Kevin VanDam and I decided to go down to the dock, because Kevin wanted to test some jerkbait for Strike King.

While Kevin was fooling with some different bill lengths, the thought occurred to him that he, technically, wasn’t supposed to cast into the section of the lake that we were on. I could, because I’d already fished that section. Let me stress that we were standing on a dock next to a boat ramp and no one was ever going to fish that spot – but Kevin still wouldn’t put a line in the water.

So Kevin tied on the bait, and I threw the jerkbait for him. This went on for about 30 minutes, and Kevin wasn’t happy with my action. He said I wasn’t throwing it right.

About that time, Gary Klein and Shaw Grigsby rolled up in Gary’s truck. They joined us on the dock, and I relinquished the rod to Gary. For the next 30 minutes or so, Gary and Shaw threw the jerkbait. Kevin said we still weren’t getting it right.

Finally, Kevin walked over and said, “Dude, give me the rod. I don’t think they’re going to disqualify me.”

Then, as God is my witness, here’s what happened.

Kevin made a cast – one cast. He just chunked it out there in the only possible place you could throw it – and it was the same cast we had made repeatedly for the better part of the past hour. Then about two seconds after he tossed it, I watched a two-and-a-half-pounder get under his bait. One or two more twitches and Kevin is reeling in that two-and-a-half-pound bass.

I looked at Gary and Shaw, and I could tell that we all had the same thought. That thought is: It’s just not right for one guy to be that good.

All men are not created equal.

I looked at Kevin and asked if he had any way to explain what just happened.
He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well … it’s just what I do.”