John Murray – Ready for 2012 to Start

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

MurrayBlogRecently, I spent three days working the Bassmaster Classic at the River2Sea booth.

I hung out a little bit at the Mercury booth – the casting contest was a lot of fun to see all the fans – a tremendous turnout and a great Classic!

But now, it is time to keep moving. I went over to Toledo Bend a day or two and ran around on that lake and checked that place out since it has come back up – wanted to get more a feel to it since I was right there.

I drove all the way to Jacksonville, Florida – left my boat and truck in a storage yard and flew to Illinois and that is where I stand right now. It is 20 degrees up here.

We are packing the motor home. My wife Amy was waiting for her sister to have a baby; but now that’s happened and it is going to be a great treat to get out of here and get down to Florida – ready to get down there where it is a lot warmer!

So, hopefully, we’ll be getting all our stuff together by the middle of the week and be down in Florida by the end of the week and ready to go for the first Elite Series event of 2012. Look for my new wrap; Advanced Angler on the truck and Ranger Boats and Lucas Oil on the boat.

So, I’m excited about the new partners, grateful for existing ones and looking forward to it – it has been a long lull for me; not fishing the Classic or anything since the WON Bass at Havasu before that. So, hope to have a good
season – I’m going to give it everything I’ve got.