Ish Monroe – On the Road – Five Weeks Straight

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

IshBlogWell, as usual – traveling again!

You know, one tournament to the next – the Classic wasn’t so great – but hey, you can’t knock making the Classic; definitely a fun event.

So, on to the next event. It is Lake Hartwell.

But, before that, I had to stop at my buddy Britt Myers shop in North Carolina – C.S. Motor Sports and get myself some new tires for the Cocoon’s ride.
Always a pleasure to go see him and Missy cuz they definitely take care of my truck – they even fixed a few things that I didn’t even know were wrong with it! Got me back and heading to the next event!

But even before I got to Hartwell I flew out of Atlanta to Newark to teach at Bass University which is always a great event as well, to do.

You know, the story of a bass fisherman’s life – work, work, work – with a little time for fishing!

After Hartwell it will be moving on to the next event in Florida; it’s going to be one week after another…five weeks in a row fishing – but hey, there’s always stuff to do around the fishing part.

So, until next week…