Casey Scanlon – My First Advanced Angler Blog

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ScanlonBlogHeaderI’m excited to have a blog on It’s one of the great informative fishing websites available. The information on here is unbelievable, straight from the guys who fish for a living.

The people behind the scenes at are dedicated to giving their viewers the inside scoop on the latest news and techniques. I’m thrilled to be one of the Elite Series anglers contributing. As a kid I grew up reading about Jimmy Houston, Roland Martin and Hank Parker.  I’m still a fan today and keep up to date as much as possible by reading the latest news, reports and techniques.

It’s the fans that keep this sport moving forward. Without them this sport would be dead in the water.  I love to fish and I love talking about fishing. One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is helping other anglers learn more about how to catch more fish and bigger fish.

In my blog I’ll explain what I’m doing on the water that is successful and how you can implement it when you fish. I’ll be doing recaps of my tournaments and giving you a behind the scenes look at what it takes to be a professional fisherman.

I’ll start off by giving you a little history.

I was born and raised in suburban Kansas City and my parents didn’t fish.  I fell in love with fishing through television shows and print media. I started fishing my local park lake. Then my grandfather introduced me to a farm pond near their home in Marysville, Kansas. At the age of 10, I caught my first bass and something changed.  I was no longer satisfied with the occasional outing. I wanted more.

By the time I was 12, I had saved enough money from lawn mowing, birthdays, etc. to buy my first jonboat.  I fished the local ponds and lakes in that $200 boat. I had no trailer, so we tied it to the top of my dad’s Chrysler!

I joined a bass club and began fishing competitively at the age of 15. I won the first tournament I entered as a co-angler, and there was no turning back.  At that time I thought I was a natural born fisherman and my road to the top was going to be quick and smooth.  Boy was I wrong!

It has been a tough road with many ups and downs and I’ve loved every minute.Since I was a kid, my goal was to be a professional fisherman. Even though I fish for a living I still have a long way to go before I feel I’ve made it.

I’m glad you’ll be along for the trip. To see pictures go to my Facebook page: or visit my website at