Chapman: Post Florida, Turkeys and fish eyes!

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ChapmanBlogFollowing the Florida swing of the Elite Series I had some time to get organized around the house and spend some time with the kids. I say kids, because Bobbi was in Hawaii sucking up some sunshine and I got to play Mr. Mom around the house. A week with the kids, although great, sure does remind me of how much Bobbi does day in and day out. I may be the one out there fishing and crossing the stage, but make no mistake about it, it’s a family effort.

Speaking of family, while I was in Florida, Mason really wanted to go fishing. Especially after seeing all the giants brought across the stage, he wanted to get out on the water. Unfortunately and fortunately we never got a chance for that day because I made all the cuts and never really had a day off. The good news is, we had a chance to do some fishing back home over the past few weeks and we did a lot of it! We also had the chance to go turkey hunting together and although we didn’t get a turkey I had a lot of fun showing him the details of hunting turkey.

After Bobbi got back I was able to go hunting one more time and this time I got a real nice trophy sized bird. Check out my video below.

Now I am at Bull Shoals and we are getting ready for the Lazer Trokar Quest event. Sitting only 1 point behind fellow Lazer Trokar pro-staff member Skeet Reese for the angler of the year has me excited for the race. Skeet and I share a couple of prime sponsors, Lazer Trokar and Wright and McGill and it’s nice for them to have the current #1 and #2 up the top of that leader board for them. Lazer Trokar hooks are super sharp and they, without question, help both of us get more fish in the boat. The Wright and McGill rods are exceptional, especially for the price, and having the right rod for those Florida fish buried deep in the grass made a difference for both of us. I think it’ll be the Rick Clunn series rods that help this week, but whether its the Teal rods or the Yellow rods, I am glad to have a quality rod in my hand on every cast. Besides being a great rod, its nice to know the average angler can afford them as well.

We’ve had some fun leading up to this event with the family. When I say we, I am referring to Randy Howell and myself. Our families travel together and camp together and that sure is nice. We’ve been teaching the kids survival and the finer things in life like eating trout eye’s. Bear Grylls has nothing on the Chapman and Howell gang.

We’ll see how the practice pans out and hopefully we can stay in the hunt for the Angler of the Year. You can follow a day by day report on how stuff is going on my Facebook page –

We’ll catch up after the Trokar Quest event and let you know what else we can get the kids to eat! In the meantime, I hope you all get a chance to do some fishing or hunting with family.