On Tour with Keith Combs – Rayburn to Bull Shoals

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

I just wrapped up the Sam Rayburn FLW Everstart event and although I didn’t make the top ten cut I am happy with the results. I ended up in 11th place, missing the cut by 8 ounces. I worked hard for this event and missing the cut was actually a blessing in disguise. I wanted to win the event, but after two days I wasn’t in position to win and getting Saturday to get some much needed rest and do a few things around the house was nice. I drove most of the day on Sunday and have arrived at Bull Shoals now and will begin pre-fishing today, Monday, in what I think will be a great event.

Looking at Bull Shoals and the weather patterns that have been going on here in the Ozarks tells me the fish should be in all three phases; pre-spawn, spawn and post spawn. This week the weather is looking to be steady and that usually means good fishing. I expect Bull Shoals to fish as good as Bull Shoals can get this week.

I am also excited as the next few events should really shake up the Angler of the Year race a bit. The shallow water grass guys have had two straight events to get a jump on the leader board. Bull Shoals and Douglas Lake are going to fish different than the Florida Lakes and I think some of the names on the AOY leader board are going to drop while others rise. Don’t get me wrong, all the anglers out here on the Elite Series Tour can catch fish anywhere anytime. It’ll be interested to see how that unfolds and I hope to be a part of the mix.

Following the event I will head home for a bit and pre-practice on Toledo Bend before I head to Douglas Lake for the next Elite Series event.

I wanted to give Texas and Louisiana anglers a heads up to an event coming up just South of Houston. The event is a fundraiser for the Wounded Warriors foundation and it’s a Crappie tournament help on Lake Texana. The event is Memorial Day weekend and is open to two person teams plus you can have a child under the age of 14 on the boat as well. Included at the event is a Steak Dinner of Friday night, the event on Saturday and a huge fish fry on Saturday night. The event is based out of KC’s bar and grill and should be a lot of fun.

For those of you not able to fish the event you can still participate. They are having a huge raffle with the grand prize being a fishing trip with me to either Sam Rayburn or Falcon Lake. Included in that trip is up to $500 in expenses (travel and room) plus the two person guided trip. There will be much more in the raffle as well, tickets will be available online soon and you will be able to find that information on my website at http://keithcombsfishing.com/ or my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/KeithCombsFishing. All proceeds from the tournament and the raffle will be presented to a representative of the Wounded Warriors on Saturday night at the raffle.

By the time you are reading this I will hopefully be well on my way to finding some fish on Bull Shoals. Follow me on my Facebook page for daily updates from the ramp!