Dave Lefebre – Before Wheeler FLW Tour Open

Power Pole

I’m in Decatur, AL, in my motel room, thinking about what I’m going to do on day
one of the tournament. The FLW Tour Open on Wheeler Lake starts on Thursday and
practice is now officially over. This is definitely going to be a tough event
and the major cold front blowing through right now is not going to make it any
better, we got four inches of rain and it’s supposed to be only 44 degrees in
the morning.

My practice went pretty good (I think) compared to some of
the guys I’ve talked to at least. I had a huge first day, probably a little over
20 pounds, but the last two days were quite different, today I actually only had
three bites. I think I’ve got something figured out, but I have no idea what the
rain, wind, and cold weather are going to do; I guess I’ll find out on

I’ll be on the road for almost five weeks. After this week, I
go straight to Texas for the Texas Bass Classic on Lake Conroe, and then over to
Sam Rayburn, TX for another FLW Tour Open after that. I have a week off before
the Ever Start Championship in Louisiana after that, but not sure whether I’m
going to head home or just hang out in the south.

I’ll talk to you after
this one’s over, I hope I’m happy!!!