Dave Lefebre – Classic Congrats

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LefebreBlogFirst of all, congratulations to Chris Lane for winning the Classic…great job! I watched everything you could watch online, I even supplied Dave Mercer some one-liners for on stage again this year. We have a lot of fun with that on my FB page during the Classic, thanks to those of you who helped out. I think Dave does a great job! “Nick Knack Fatty Whack, Give that Hawg a Bone!”…Brilliant! The live blog was a bit disappointing this year though, not sure what happened there. Us fans need to know what’s going on out there right?

The family and I are still hunkered down in Ocala, FL waiting to head northward to Lake Hartwell, SC for the first FLW Tour Major. I have been fishing for 8 straight days with my friend, Glenn Browne. We are trying to wear each other out, but I don’t think any of that is ever going to work out, lol. We’ve been all over the place catching bass and even fished a local team tournament on the Harris Chain, which we won with 30 pounds. We are having a lot of fun and have caught over 250 bass with a bunch of big ones mixed in. Our biggest so far is around 8lbs, but I think we are going to get a bigger one before it is finished, I’d love to get a 10! We took the last couple days off and plan to hit the water again tomorrow morning and Thursday. Anne, the kids, and I went to Silver Springs yesterday and are going over to St. Augustine Beach today. It’s just so awesome down here we hate to leave. The only negative is that we’ve been eating way too much, lol.

DaveLefebreGlenneBrowneTourneyWinBesides fishing, I’ve been talking on the phone way too much. We are building our new home soon, construction will begin in April and I’m trying to get things rolling with easements, power and cable companies, gas and tree removal services, and our contractors, bank, and designers. Everything is moving right along, but not going home after Okeechobee has made things quite a bit more challenging. Our final plans are supposed to be completed this week, the house is being designed around the boat garage/tackle room, it’s going to be cool.

Well, I’m going to go work in my boat for a while. Mitchell is getting ready for school and the girls are still in bed. I will catch you all next week from South Carolina!