Dave Lefebre – CUP TIME

Power Pole

LefebreBlogThe official 3 day practice period is over and I’m almost ready. I felt like I
needed about another 30 minutes of practice to be totally ready. I put my boat
in at several different boat ramps on the final day, checking things all over
the lake. I tried to end the day out deep and expand on the area I plan to fish
in the tournament, but a wicked thunder storm put an end to those efforts.
Instead, I spent 2 hours under a covered dock well into the dark. I used that
time to get a lot of my tackle organized and rods rigged, so it wasn’t a total
waste of time at least, but it was a little scary with all the lightning and

My practice time was productive, I feel really good about this Cup,
of course I felt good last year at Ouachita too, and that didn’t quite turn out
the way I envisioned it, so you never know really. I’m not going to settle for
little ones, if I catch them (and that is a definite IF) I should have pretty
good weight, and if I can do it at least 3 of the 4 days, well it could be good.
I’m excited! I’ve got a little bit more tackle stuff to do and then I’ll be

I just got back from the registration and got a sneak peak at the
new Ranger Z520C boat. It is an awesome looking boat with a ton of newly
designed features, too many to list actually. I like it so much I may go back to
a 20 footer next season until they start making it in a 521, I like my big 21
foot Rangers.

Our pre-tournament dinner is tonight, Mitchell and Macy
can’t wait to get all dressed up. Oh, I just got my boat number text to me,
lol…looks like I’ll be boat #6 tomorrow and my check-in time is 3:30, cool. See
you on the stage tomorrow afternoon with a big bag of Lake Lanier