Gene Larew – Bobby Myers Fed Nation Div and Falcon

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LarewBlogI did go to the Central Divisional at the Athcafalaya Basin for the Federation –
and that was in Morgan City, Louisiana.

I have never been to anyplace
quite like that; very unique! It is so much water. You really have to segment
things and break it down to pick an area because there is no way, even if you
spent a month there, or even a lifetime, that you could fish that whole place –
it is just massive!

Unfortunately, I was met with a little mechanical
difficulty after the first day of competition and I had to ride with other
competitors or other Federation guys for the remaining two days and it didn’t
turn out quite like I had hoped.
It was a great experience. I caught a lot of
my fish flipping a Biffle Bug Junior; punching grass as well as throwing a
Bandit 100 and a Takahiro Omori 1.5.

About three weeks after that I took
a little trip, because the whole year up to that point has been all about
competition, competition, competition – and I took a four day trip and I went to
Falcon Lake. The lake at that point was I believe it was thirty four feet down.
It was crazy! The lake looked completely different from when I was there fishing
– I hadn’t been back since 2008 when I fished the Elite there and I got to spend
some time fishing with some of my headlining sponsors. They came down to fish
with me.

It was so low that there were very few trees, even in the water
to flip; but if you got around the right group of trees – Flippin’ – you could
really catch them! We smashed ‘em Flippin’ quite a bit when we found a group of
them in the trees just using a half ounce Tungsten Flippin’ weight pegged to a
Biffle Bug in the Sooner Run color

The other area that we concentrated on
was off the main lake – ledges on the main creek channels where there was enough
water or structure and on the main river channel because the lake is so low. We
caught a tremendous amount of fish on the Series 6XD in a Citrus

Our number one day while we were on Falcon Bar was using a ¾ ounce
lead weight with fourteen pound Gamma Line and 11/0 hook with a Gene Larew Salty
Snake in the Sooner Run color. They absolutely ate that thing up – we probably
went in two and a half days that we fished that pretty hard – out of our total
time, we probably went through one hundred plus worms – we caught a tremendous
amount of fish, including an 11.4 and a 9 pounder and several in the 8 ½ pound
It was really a fun, awesome trip.

It has been so hot here in
Oklahoma that I just haven’t been doing much fishing since I came back from
Falcon the last half of June – I don’t think I have had my boat out – I didn’t
even take my boat out the whole month of July – whenever the temperature is
exceeding 105 degrees and it gets there by 11:30 it is just not a whole lot of
fun to be on the water here in Oklahoma.

But, I am getting geared up here
to fish the Central Open here at Fort Gibson – that is going to happen in about
a month – looking forward to that event. It is the closest event that I have
ever fished to the house; as far as a regional BASS type event.

So, I
look forward to that and I hope that everybody is doing well and catching fish
and all hope for some cooler weather.