Dave Lefebre – Fishing and Gravel

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LefebreBlogIt’s been nothing but nasty, cold, and raining every day for the last week, it’s really getting old. I’d rather have snow, but it is what it is. I’ve still been getting out on the water though. This is my favorite time of the year to fish, everything is biting, and everybody’s in the woods…perfect!

Anne and Macy came out on Friday for a couple hours before dark, and I took Gramps and Mitchell out on Saturday. I’ve been going to a small lake close to our new property and loading up on the big crappies. I just got home from the lake again and will be sitting down the fillet more fish after I’m done with this blog, lol. I think I’m addicted.

The only other exciting thing I’ve done since my last blog was rake gravel, tons of gravel. We had several truck loads of rocks brought in for the driveway on Wednesday, so Anne and I spent the day raking about 200 yards of road. We were so sore the next morning, but its good to get it over with. We still have a lot of outdoor work to do like clearing brush and a few trees before they start to build our house next spring. We do a little bit every week, we are so excited for next year to get here.

DaveLefebreFishingandGravelI’m going to get the ice-fishing stuff out this week and start getting ready for that, I’m hoping to be on the ice early again, like last year, a week before Christmas. The water temps are finally starting to get down there, tonight it was 39 degrees, so it won’t be too much longer. It takes about a week of low 20’s at night to get things going, my guess though is it won’t be for at least another month, the extended forecast is a little too warm unfortunately. I’m addicted to ice-fishing too!