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Bucks Falcon Mercury

LefebreBlogIt’s been a busy last week to say the least. The weather is so nice up here we’ve been working outside on the property and getting things ready for when we start to build in the Spring. I’ve been meeting with Electric people, Cable people, Gas people, Contractors, Tree people, Demo people, kitchen cabinet people, and so on. Probably shouldn’t have scheduled everything for the same week, lol, but at least we are getting ahead of the game and getting several ideas and estimates. It appears, at least for now, that the Amish will be doing our kitchen and steps down to the lake. They do awesome work and are surprisingly better yet inexpensive…perfect!

In my spare time I’ve been working with Mitchell on his first Pinewood Derby Car for his Cub Scouts. He wanted to do a Suburban…”that’s my boy!” So we figured we might as well sponsor it up a little, Macy agreed. We are having a lot of fun with it and he’s really working hard, doing most of the sawing and sanding. We only have two weeks to get it ready for his first race, so we try to do something to the car everyday. It’s almost done, probably wont be the fastest one out there, but it least he will look good, ha ha. Mitchell and I are heading to the post office after school to weigh his car, we need to know how much tungsten (lol) to add to the back to get it up to 5 ounces.

That is really about all that’s going on around here. I don’t want to talk about the Steelers and I haven’t been fishing in a long time, so nothing to speak of there either. I’m getting some good rest to my elbow, which is feeling great and I’m getting hungry to get on the water. We leave for Okeechobee at the end of the month. My new Ranger Z521 is finished and ready to be wrapped any day. I cant wait to get it up here and start modifying it into “my” boat, quite a bit to do there.

For 2012, I have all the same sponsors as last season with the exception of adding Mercury Outboards. From what I’ve been hearing, I’m really going to like going faster than I’ve ever gone before in a 21 ft boat. I’ve ordered my new motors, a 250hp for the big boat and a 20hp for the little boat. I can’t wait to swap out my old engines and start a new chapter! I just started talking to the people at Merc and they all are so kind, helpful and quick. I’m still working on the other sponsor I’ve been telling you about, shouldn’t be too much longer.