Operation Outdoors: Jarrett Plan of Attack How the Program Works

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EdwardsBlogHello Advancedangler.com readers! On our previous blog I introduced you to our Operation Outdoors USA soldier program and explained how were trying to pay it forward and honor US troops of all generations. Now, by reading below you will be able to find out the facts about the program and how you can nominate your favorite soldier today! Please keep in mind the video submissions do not need to be professional. Shoot one on your camera, cell or flip phone! You will be able to view and vote on your video once it’s uploaded to our site!
Rules Of Engagement…Operation Outdoors USA

OperationOutdoorsBannerWho Can Participate?
Operation Outdoors USA is open to all the men & women who have served our country through many decades. The program is open to all those who are retired, or active duty from all branches of the US Military…Our country has 50 million outdoorsmen and with this campaign we are reconnecting the soldiers back to the joys of fishing and the healing powers that water has to offer.
Activation: Step #1

Beginning in January, we will be towing and displaying our American flag wrapped truck and boat to a variety of shows. The truck and boat combo will be parked inside the shows and our goal is to have all the soldiers who are currently serving, served in the past or family members of those soldiers who gave all, to be able to sign our boat. By signing, we are honoring those who have served and were keeping their commitment to our great country alive. The second reason for signing is to give hope and inspiration to the soldiers and families who will be using this vessel for many years to come.

The American flag wrapped boat ($50,000 Value) that we will be towing around to all of these events will be donated to the Lone Survivor Foundation after all signatures are final (Fall 2011).

The foundation was founded by retired Navy SEAL, Marcus Luttrell, who on June 28, 2005 survived a major Taliban ambush where the other three SEAL team members were KIA. He went on to write a New York Times Best seller “Lone Survivor”. Today Mr. Luttrell is one the nation’s leading motivational speakers. The Lone Survivor Foundation mission is as follows:

★ Provide therapeutic and unique opportunities to optimize recovery and healing our American Patriots – Our Wounded Warriors, Their Families, and Surviving Families.

The Lone Survivor Foundation will go to extraordinary lengths to:

★ Welcome home, empower and restore American wounded warriors, their families and surviving families &

★ CALL Hometown USA TO ACTION to inspire the American public to pay forward the Pashtun tradition of Lokhay Warkawal

The Lone Survivor Ranch
★ The heart of the Lone Survivor Foundation will be an all encompassing phased in ranch retreat will support a multitude of outdoor activities, and the practical application of the activities will be built around a rehabilitation and wellness model. The primary intent is to create a safe haven for warriors and their families (including children) to relax and heal. The ranch will be a retreat and rehabilitation complex on a BEAUTIFUL piece of property in TX.

★ The ranch will have an on-site gym complete with coaches, trainers, and all support needed for a fully guided, individualized and targeted physical recovery. There will be a strong counseling aspect interwoven into all activities which will include team building, martial arts, shooting, hunting, archery, obstacle courses, equestrian therapy, pet therapy, bowling, rock climbing, art therapy, journaling, fishing, yoga, and spa services, to name a few. The clinical staff will all have training in pain management, because that is an issue that affects almost all of our wounded warriors, and therefore their families

Step #2
For each person who signs our rig, I will give them (Veteran, Soldier, family member) a card with instructions to go to www.JarrettEdwardsOutdoors.TV and click on the Operation Outdoors USA tab to nominate their favorite soldier through an uploaded simple video submission to our website. Criteria for those who will submit video nominations will be to choose their favorite soldier and what he or she is doing or has done to give back to their community in positive ways. Soldiers cannot nominate themselves and video submissions will have a maximum time limit of three minutes. Any video over the three minute mark will be deleted. For folks who do not have access to video recording equipment but still want to participate in our program can nominate their favorite soldier through a 600 word maximum essay complete with photos. Video and essay nominations have a fall deadline of October 15, 2011. On November 1st the top six videos/essays chosen by the American public will be awarded an opportunity for a Lake Powell House Boating vacation for them and their families.

The Retreat: Plan of attack
The top six video/essay winners and their families will receive the opportunity to join us on the trip to Lake Powell in Page, AZ. (May 2012) They will be able to sleep and play on luxury houseboats, have meals prepared by private chefs and go fishing with ESPN Bassmaster Elite Series pros plus more. While the soldier is out fishing, his family will have the opportunities to Jet Ski, hike, swim, etc. The possibilities are endless at Lake Powell which is the world’s most scenic lake and also #1 House boating destination. Jarrett Edwards Outdoors will also film an hour long episode to cover all of the great stories that America has voted in. For more information on Lake Powell please visit Lakepowell.com

2011 Appearances for Operation Outdoors USA Boat Signings:
Come meet Jarrett & sign the Lone Survivor Boat!!!
-January 6-9 International Sportsmen Exposition – Denver Colorado
-January 20-23 International Sportsmen Exposition – Sacramento California
-February 24-27 International Sportsmen Exposition – Phoenix Arizona
-March 17-20 International Sportsmen Exposition – Salt Lake City Utah
(Above ISE shows – active Military personnel receive free admission into shows! With proper Military ID)

-March 9-13 Fred Hall Boat Show – Long Beach California
-March 24-27 Fred Hall Boat Show – Del Mar California

Thanks for participating!