McClelland – Running and Gunning Stratos, Wraps, Rods and Day on the Lake

Bucks Falcon Mercury

McClellandBlogI’m sitting at the airport getting ready to fly to Kentucky for the Pittsburg Marine open house in London, Kent. in support of Stratos.

I really enjoy working these kinds of things because the people that come to one of these dealer open houses are interested in learning more about the boats. At a regular sports show, people are there to walk around and see the sights, but the folks at a dealership really want to know about the boats.

Forrest Wood’s grandson Keith Daffron will be there as well, Keith is the Vice President of Sales for the Company, as will Jay Yelas. It’s been a while since I’ve talked to Jay, so it’ll be cool to catch up with him.

This will be a quick trip; the guys at Pittsburg worked it out so that I’d be home tomorrow evening to spend Sunday with the family; that is always appreciated.

McClelland2011BoatWrapI just got my boat back from Transport Graphics, and it looks great. I was going to pick it up earlier, but the weather around here made traveling a little difficult. They did a great job on the wrap, I really like the way they integrated the Hefty One Zip graphics with the Falcon and Mustang Survival logos on my Stratos and the new Tundra.

I sent the pictures over to Gemini Sports Marketing to let them work on matching the colors and they decided they could do some more with the graphics to make them match the wrap graphics. I didn’t ask them to do that, but they really go the extra mile for us, and that’s really cool.

McClelland2011TruckWrapI’m getting all prepared for my Day on the Lake filming with Don Wirth for Bassmaster Magazine. Now that the weather’s getting a little better, it looks like we’ll be able to do it next week. He told me the town I’m going to, but won’t give me a clue about what lake we’re fishing. His approach for these articles is one of us going to a lake we’ve never been to before, so they’re always a secret.

I’m sure that the conditions will be perfect for the things I like to do the best; throw my SPRO McStick and McRip jerkbaits as well as my Jewel Football Jigs. I think the conditions will be perfect for that, but I might have to mix in a Jewel Squirrel Head and Zoom Finesse Worm if it gets really tough.

I’m also looking forward to trying my new prototype Falcon jerkbait rod; I think we’re calling it the McStick or McTwitch rod, but we’re not 100-percent sure yet. The rod is 6’9” with a split grip and has the micro guides. They are super light and can’t wait to give it a try to see if the production models are as good as I expect them to be.

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