Dave Lefebre – Sunshine State

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

LefebreBlogThe family and I are hanging out in the Sunshine State for the week leading up to the first FLW Tour Open on Okeechobee. It is so nice to be away from all the unseasonal rain and mud up north, it’s depressing. I usually want to ice fish as long as I can before we head south, but this year I never even went on the ice one time because of the warm weather. I will get another chance however after this event when we head home for a couple weeks before the next Tour tournament on Lake Hartwell, SC.

Our trip down here was uneventful really. We took two full days to drive 23 hours to Clewiston, finally getting here on Sunday evening around 6pm. We played shuffle board last night, which is right beside our camper. Mitchell beat me, but he just got lucky. We plan on heading over to the ocean on Wednesday while the marina puts a trolling motor on my new boat. The kids are so excited to hit the beach, last year we saw a ton of sharks swimming close to shore so we didn’t spend much time in the water, lol. Mitchell and I actually reported seeing the sharks to the lifeguards, who then closed the beaches. The sharks made the national news the following day, haha, all because of Smiley and me!

I got most of my boat rigged and ready to hit the water, but still have a lot of tackle stuff to do. I will need a couple days to work before practice begins on Sunday. We always spend a few hours breaking in the motor and looking for alligators while we’re down here, so we are looking forward to that too. We’ll probably get out on the water Thursday and then I’ll spend Friday and Saturday matching up rods and reels and spooling line. I’m still using and loving Dobyns Rods, but I switched back to Shimano Reels which I’ve used since I was like 16 years old.

Well time to go practice on the old cornhole boards; lol. Randall Tharp is camping here with his wife, Sara, and as most of you know we are the cornhole kings on the FLW Tour. Randall’s texting me now, lol, I guess we have some cocky challengers coming later in the week who need a serious beat down. I’m off