Fish with Ish – Got My Ranger On the LLOONNGG Road Home from Flippin

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IshBlogI’m on my way home right now driving from Arkansas with my brand new Ranger Z521 behind me.

I pretty much can’t wait to get home, and I won’t be home until tomorrow night. I’m ready to get there because I hate the snow and ice, and that’s all I see right now on this drive back from Flippin. The other thing is, when I’m sitting in my truck, I can’t work out, or get any real work done.

IshWindshieldTimeIt’s going to be a busy couple of weeks, when I get out of the snow and back to Cali, I’m taking the boat to C&C Marine in Modesto and get it ready. You know, get the Yamaha 250 SHO Four Stroke on there as well as the Lowrance HDS units on there and pretty much be ready to leave next week for Phoenix to get the wrap installed.

It would be huge if I could get the Cocoons wrap on the boat quickly over at Liquid Wraps, because once everything’s in place and the wrap’s on; it’s game time.

I’m ready to spend a couple of days on the boat show scene at the ISE boat show in a couple of weeks in Sacramento. I’m going to be a part of the Ultimate Bass Round Table on Saturday at 12:30PM with Skeet Reese, Gary Dobyns, Mike Long and Cody Meyer. I’m also going to do a seminar of my own on Sunday at 1:30.

Other than that, I’ve pretty much got nothing else going on. I’m watching a lot of fishing on T.V., and just getting ready and fired up for the season.

See you next time.

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