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LarewBlogHey everyone this is Bobby Myers.

You may remember me from 2008 when I started out on the Elite Series; I miss it, and let me tell you I’ve been busy since then trying to get back.

Part of trying to get back has been fishing everything I can get my hands on that will get me back to the Elites; but, more importantly, I want to fish in the 2013 Bassmaster Classic at Grand Lake. I live in Tulsa, Okla. and to be able to fish in that Classic would be unbelievable.

While I’m fishing all nine of the Bass Pro Shops Bassmaster Opens, I’m also fishing the local Federation Nation events to try and qualify for the Oklahoma State Team. We had two Oklahoma State qualifier tournaments this past weekend on Lake Texoma, and I’m happy to report that I won both of them.

Oklahoma runs six qualifiers, and they put two of them on back to back days on the same lake so that Federation Nation anglers don’t have to be away from home as many times throughout the year.

That worked to my advantage last week because I got on them good with an Umbrella Rig and the new 3.5-inch Gene Larew Sweet Swimmer. I ended up winning both days, and it was really because of the Sweet Swimmer.

I weighed three good smallmouth; including a 6.19 smallmouth in the first event; I had to fill in a couple of largemouth on a soft plastic jerkbait; but I weighed 18.85 and won. The next day I caught another big; 6.12-pound smallmouth, and weighed five smallmouth for 21.19; all of them came on the
Umbrella Rig with the Sweet Swimmer.

Bobby-Myers-Texoma-Sweet-SwimmerI started experimenting with the rig earlier this year and I’ve personally found that mixing colors usually produces more strikes. So, at Texoma in the clear water, I used three of the Gray Ghost color and two of the Smoke Pepper Swimmers because they gave me the right look in the water.

The 3.5-inch size is the perfect shad imitator, and it has the perfect profile to be a great shad imitator any direction you look at it. I know this, smallmouth bass at Lake Texoma absolutely chew it; and I can’t wait to see where else I can throw it and do some damage.

Maybe I can use it to win one of these Opens and get into that Classic I want to fish in so much. Hope so.