Jay Yelas – Cup Qualified

Bucks Falcon Mercury

YelasBlogSo I did lousy at Pickwick in the FLW Major season finale, finishing 83rd- my worst finish of the season. I was disappointed in my performance. However, I qualified for the Forrest Wood Cup next month. This makes 22 consecutive championships for me, 16 Bassmasters Classics and now 6 Forrest Wood Cups. Of this accomplishment, I am especially gratified.

Of all the accomplishments of my 23 year career, making 22 straight championships is the one I think is the hardest to do. It is harder than winning a Classic, even harder than winning an Angler of the Year title. I base that on how many other anglers have accomplished this. Only Rick Clunn has qualified for more (28), and Kevin VanDam has the same number (22). By the way, this is the only mark I am tied with KVD at, he’s the best bass fisherman in the world. But it pretty cool to match him at something!

22 in a row is really an unthinkable accomplishment. It is a remarkable level of consistency in fishing, good health, and Gods Favor. There certainly is no luck involved in it. There have been plenty of anglers who have performed at a higher level than I have over these years, as I have only won 5 times. But I have always said the hardest thing to do in this game is to perform at a high level for a long, long time.

God sure has blessed me and I am so thankful for the career He has given me. Life is a gift. I untied the ribbon, opened the box and found a life in the USA, a great wife and kids, and a career as a professional bass fisherman with 22 straight championships. Wow! Praise Jesus!!

My biggest bass came on topwater in practice at 2pm, so I will doing that as well tomorrow. I found lots of flip/pitch fish too, but they topped out at about 2.5#. I feel my best chance is on the best deep spot I found.