Ish Monroe – Back to Work

Power Pole

IshBlogWell, just because the season is over with doesn’t mean that I get to rest and
relax – or relax and rest.

I actually did get into a little bit of that
down in Costa Rica; had a great time; water beautiful, sun is beautiful, land is
beautiful – but no, once again, it is back from there to do the

Just left Yamaha – swung by there; you know, start working on deals
for next year.

Great to see FLW has no conflicts with BASS next year so I
get to fish both tours and try to qualify for both.
Just got to drive the new
Ranger 250 C, which is an amazing boat. It is a little bit smaller boat than the
21 that I am used to, but it rocks! Really similar to the 21 that I am used to,
so that is great! Really looking forward to that.

Even made a few casts
and caught one on a buzz bait that was a decent one and a couple of short ones
on a buzz bait – only fished for about fifteen to twenty minutes on Bull Shoals,
so you know, it is pretty cool to go out and run a boat; catch some fish; you
know, enjoy life.

So now, it is on the road to wrap up a few things;
swing by and see a few other sponsors, you know, like Daiwa; and then get home
and get back into the workshop with River2Sea and create some new baits for you
guys to go fish with.

But, if you haven’t had a chance check out the new
Biggie Series Crank Bait and the Bling Series Crank Bait and Ish’s Poppin’ Phat
Phrog which is also new by Snag Proof.

Guaranteed you guys are going to
go out there and catch some fish on those baits; so, see you guys at the next