Ish Monroe – FLW Okeechobee Wrap Up

Power Pole

IshBlogWell, second Derby of the year is out of the way!

25th place finish – I’m okay with that. Still, really wanted to make the cut – got beat down by between 8 and 10 pounds.

Yeah, I got a spanking like a red-headed step-child that stole something!

But it was a fun tournament, I caught them one of the ways I like to catch them, and that is punching one of the River2Sea one and a half ounce Trash Bomb a Missile Baits Missile Craw and a Paycheck bunch skirt – was definitely the keys and you know.

I’m actually fishing another bait designed by Bub Tosh called the Psycho Dad too, it’s a pretty cool bait!

But the Missile Craw really goes through the grass really, really well; especially when you are punching. So I actually could get away with a one ounce weight in some places – and when you are fishing that one ounce weight you actually get a little bit better hook-up ratio.

But, you know, I caught some good ones the first day – had 20 pounds and was in 15th place kind of like I was in the Open and it freaked me out a little bit – because I went the first two hours without a bite on day two; so I was kind of thinking I can’t let this happen again! You know – start out good – not finish the Derby well.

But, finishing 25th, I’m okay with that. Weather was nice down there in Florida; it was getting up into the 80’s – wearing shorts and my new Simms FlipFlops – get me right there where I need to be!

Next I’m heading to the Classic – that’s the next on the agenda. Practice starts on Friday, so I am going to get over to Louisiana – get me a little rest and relaxation; chill out and I’ll be ready for practice on Friday.

So, until after the Classic – I will catch you guys then!