James Niggemeyer – Heading North!

Power Pole

by James Niggemeyer

The week before last was the Lake Dardanelle Elite series event, and it was a really tough event for me; I think it was for a lot of guys. 

Getting bites was difficult, period.  On the first day, I had five bites and was able to have a limit, but I didn’t have any quality, and on the second day, I had better quality bites, but I wasn’t able to get a limit, and I missed the cut by 3 pounds, 9 ounces.

I really have to say congratulations to Steve Kennedy on an incredible event and for the win there.

The week after Dardanelle, I was home and really got deep into some yard work.  With me being on the road, it grows fast, it’s been like a jungle in the front yard and around the house.  I really had to knock back and tame that jungle a little bit with the chainsaw and hedge trimmers, and I still have one side of the house that’s yet to go.  It looked like I hadn’t touched it and two years and that’s probably true.  It was really nice to get that finished and to be able to check it off my honey do list; and, it really looks a whole lot nicer now.

A Stop at Cabela’s on my way North!

Then I’m headed up to northeast putting in a little practice time at Lake Champlain and at Thousand Islands.  This will be the first time I’ve been back to Champlain since 2010 for a Northern Open. After that, I’ll probably scoot over to the Saint Lawrence as well.  It will be great to kind of refresh my mind to see what’s changed and what hasn’t and just get up there and spend a little time in New York

The week after that I’m going to go down to the Potomac River for the Geico Anglers Challenge; it’s an employee bass tournament, and it’s on the Potomac River.  I’m really looking forward to catching some Potomac River bass, it’ll be a fun time.  My Geico / Cabela’s teammates David Walker and Mike McClelland along with some other fellow Geico pros will be there as well.

After that, I’m going to be fishing the Northern Open on Oneida, I was on the waiting list, but got word yesterday that I had made it in; I’m really looking forward to fishing that one, and hopefully the two others on the schedule  at the James River and Douglas Lake.

That’s pretty much it for now, check in soon,

James Niggemeyer