John Murray – Lanier Spots and Pickwick Dreams

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MurrayBlogWhen I last left you last week and said I was going to get some better fish at Lake Lanier for the PAA Series event and I actually did. Ended up catching quite a few nice ones, caught a 5.87 spot probably the second biggest spot I’ve ever caught; it was a real beauty and probably worth the whole trip right there. I caught a 4 lb spot that same day.

I ended up in sixth place with 37 pounds, I was pretty happy with the finish and some really good fishermen beat me, and it was my first time on the lake, so I feel pretty good about it.

The Murray Family JerseysI was catching them pretty good the first day on a River2Sea Bottom Walker swimbait when it was cloudy. Then on the last two days it got sunny and I had to go to more of a jerkbait and a Chatterbait, something that would ride more up in the water column. I threw a River2Sea Suspen 88 jerkbait over submerged bushes and little points and just let it sit there; that’s how they wanted it fished.

Those fish at Lanier were so fat, and they’re so beautiful but they just didn’t want to eat much this time around. It was a great week, we all had a really great time and they really put on a first class event with great weigh-ins at Bass Pro Shops.

Now we’re here at Pickwick Lake waiting our way through some storms that were expected to bring some tornados and big hail; which will be interesting in a motor home. I’m catching a lot of little ones so far, but we’ve still got another half day of practice to get it figured out; so that’s what I’m gonna do.
We’ve got another beautiful campground here at Pickwick and it’s been a really positive trip all the way around for the whole family.

I want to take some time to thank my great sponsors for all of their support. The year has gotten off to a good start, and it wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for the likes of Ranger Boats, Mercury, Powell Rods, River2Sea, Topwater Clothing, Ardent Reels and Advanced

Thank you again; your partnership has made it possible for us to take this adventure.