John Murray – Practicing on Lake Mead

Power Pole

I am in Las Vegas pre-fishing for an ABA Team Championship here on Lake Mead. I
am fishing with my partner, Steve Molinari who is the Boat Manager at Cabela’s
down in Phoenix, Arizona.

Anyway; been here a couple of days and fishing
is really good; size has been very tough; 30 to 50 fish a day – catching keepers
has been very tough.

MurrayBlogI’ve been throwing the River2Sea Rover and the
Crystal Buzz a lot and really covering a lot of water. There is a lot of brush
and grass in water. The lake looks very healthy – catching a lot of small mouth
and large mouths – it’s just going to be a key of catching a couple of good
bites throughout the course of the day – you know, a 2 ½ to 3 pounder is going
to go a long way in this tournament.

So, should be a fun week –
weather’s been beautiful – not been too hot – very little wind, and just looking
forward to spending a couple more days on Lake Mead trying to catch some

I’ll be doing some seminars in Phoenix during the next couple of
weeks – I’ll be updating you on where and when.

That’s about it – I’ll be
going back to getting ready to go catch ‘em on Lake Mead!