Justin Kerr – More Fishing Tournaments on Havasu – Waiting for Beaver

Bucks Falcon Mercury

KerrBlogI fished another tournament last weekend, and I finished second, again.

My Evergreen teammate Shaun Bailey pulled another one out, he and his partner Billy Skinner beat us, but not by much. They had 21.04, and we had 20.95, we even had a bigger fish than they did, but their overall fish were better. We had one small one that we couldn’t cull.

Oh well, there’s another one this weekend; we’ll see how we can do.

I was back home in California for a couple days to see my mom and some of my friends there. While I was there, I stopped by Angler’s Marin in Anaheim to visit Rick Grover and take care of some final business on my new Ranger / Mercury.

Rick and his team do a great job over there; they are a great dealership and I’m glad I don’t live any closer, because they’ve got all of the trick, specialized tackle in there. Evergreen provides me what I need, but like any other bass fisherman, I’ve got a weakness for tackle, and Rick could make me go broke over there.

I’m looking forward to the tournament this weekend because we’re supposed to be getting a warming trend, and that means more of the fish will be moving up. I caught one of the good ones Friday while I was practicing, a five pound smallmouth that bit a jig.

They’ll be moving up pretty good, and I’ll be able to start catching them steady on the Evergreen Combat 320 crankbait again. My favorite had been the crawdad pattern before all of these cold fronts, and they’ll probably be back on it again.

The more I fish, the more I’m getting ready to get to Beaver Lake and start practicing for the first FLW Tour Major of the year. It’s getting closer, and I’m going to work on having a great attitude every day, and going out to fish hard.

It’s just a little while until I can get down there.