Skeet’s Beat – September Lull

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SkeetBlogSeptember is a slower month for me business wise, so it’s been really nice to be at home more and get to take part in what the family is up to.

The girls are in the full swing of school now, and for the first time, they are both at the same school. Courtney started Kindergarten this year, so she has a full day, and that all comes with the homework and everything else, so, life gets busy around here.

On top of school, both of them are on Youth League Soccer teams, so we have practices three days a week and games on Saturday. This weekend were their first games for this season and Lea’s team won, but unfortunately, Courtney’s team did not. Even though they both didn’t win, it sure is fun to watch them run around and play the game.

Other than that, I’ve been wrapping up a little business and planning some fishing trips for this offseason. The first one will be a Kid’s Fishing outing on the San Francisco Bay with a charter boat. My friend Mark Fisher from Wiley X volunteers to help inner city kids get a chance to participate in some outdoor activities, and Kim and I decided to help by hiring a charter boat for the outing.

We’re going t take the girls and go out on the boat with them, so we’ll have some pictures and a report of the outing afterward right here in my blog.

Along with that trip, I’m planning a striper and bluefish trip to the Boston area with sponsors, I’ve got a trip with the winner of the Day on the Lake with Skeet promotion that Lowrance ran this year, and I’m working on a Peacock outing to Brazil for later in the fall with some friends. Along with those trips, I’m really itching to get some steelhead fishing in, and I’ll be spending some time at Clear Lake too, when the lake isn’t being beat up by bass tournaments.

I’ve also been burning up the trails on my mountain bike. I’m really having a lot of fun learning about off road riding on the bike. A few of my friends are into it, and they have been showing me the ropes a little bit. I have to say that I seem to come back from each ride with a new scar or dent.

I seem to handle the riding part just fine, but stopping when your feet are clipped in to the pedals can be tricky. The last outing was one of them; I was trying to climb over a rock, and I guess I was in too high of a gear and I couldn’t pedal anymore. When I tipped over, I caught the handlebar in my ribs, and that has me a little sore today; oh well, I guess that’s part of it.

So, I’ll be enjoying a little more time at home, then start ramping up preparation for next year, and I’ll keep you updated right here.