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SkeetBlogWe just got back from a week of camping at a lake a couple hours from our house. The lake is called Union Valley Reservoir, and it is up at almost 5000 feet elevation and lake, the area and the scenery was just awesome.

We took the bikes and the kayaks and had a great time with the family. The girls rode their bikes a lot, and had a really great time riding up and down the hills and trails. Actually, Lea took a little spill on our first outing and she was a little tenuous after that, but they still had a ton of fun.

We fished a little bit. Union Valley has smallmouth bass and trout in it, so we caught a few little bronzebacks and some rainbows there. They weren’t anything big, but they were fun to stretch our lines and play with a little.

Along with that, we swam and played in the water that we could probably see down 20 feet in because it was so clear. Those high mountain lakes can get really clear, and they have some of the cleanest, most refreshing water for swimming and playing in.

I was supposed to leave this week to go and film in Florida with my TroKar Hooks teammate Dave Mercer for his Facts of Fishing TV Show on WFN. Dave and I were going to go to Florida and film a show where we fished for Goliath Grouper and Hammerhead Shark, but the trip got cancelled.

The guide who was supposed to take us out said there was a problem with the weather, or the water and made the last minute decision to cancel. It sucks because I was really looking forward to the trip. I’ve fished for Goliath Grouper before, and that was a blast. I was also really looking forward to going after the Hammerhead Shark too, that sounded like a cool trip.

Mostly though, I really feel for Dave; having to stop and reschedule all of the travel and planning for him and his crew really creates a logistics nightmare for him, as well as some additional cost to that episode.

Other than that, I’m headed out here in a couple of days to Spirit Lake to meet with Berkley on some new Havoc projects. Havoc has been a big hit, and I can’t wait to see what the team will come up with next.

I’m sure you’ll all love it too.