Team Lucky Craft – Joe Thomas Family Getaway

Bucks Skeeter Yamaha

LuckyCraftBlogWe wrapped the final episode for the next season of Ultimate Match Fishing a couple weeks ago and I am finally home for a bit. This year I spent 260 days on the road between the filming of Ultimate Match Fishing and Stihl’s Reel in the Outdoors and fishing the FLW Tour so some family time was much needed.

My wife, three kids and I headed up into the Smokey Mountains for a family get away. It was great to have some time quality time together. We stayed at a great little cabin pretty far away from everything and just made trips into town to catch some shows. We did find time to hit the slopes for some tubing and skiing with the kids.

I am happy to announce we just signed a 2 year extension for Stihl’s Reel in the Outdoors with the Outdoor Channel. I am excited about that and I am already making plans for the first big filming for next season in January. I am headed to Okeechobee to do some fishing with Tom Mann Jr. on his home water. January fishing in Okeechobee can be fantastic, a few years ago I had a top 10 finish using a Lucky Craft Pointer 112 in the canals. I know they also eat the Lucky Craft Gunfish in January there too, there is nothing like topwater fishing in January. I know Tom likes to throw the buzz-frog this time of year as well so it should make for a great show with some explosive topwater bites. From there I will be making plans for 12 additional new shows on some of the best bass fishing lakes in the U.S. and Mexico, the new shows will begin to air in July of 2011.

I am also very happy that I was able to partner with Ranger Boats and Evinrude for the next year and I am look forward to riding in the best boat & motor package available on the market today. I’ll be in that boat more than I am at my home so having a great ride and a reliable motor is a key component of my shows and my tournament fishing.

One thing I am really excited about is the video my company just put together for Lucky Craft. We headed out and met up with Rick Clunn and Rick educated us (and you via the video) on the RC series of Crankbaits that he has designed with Lucky Craft for Bass Pro Shops. Rick takes us from the concept, through the design and doesn’t leave out any details, the insight and thought that went into the design of these baits is remarkable. If you watch this video you better make sure you either have some RC baits in the box or a BPS store nearby because you are going to be pumped about fishing it. Rick is a true legend in our sport and his attention to detail and knowledge of fishing is in each bait and the video will definitely teach everyone something about baits, fishing and everything in between. As of now, we are not sure where it will be released but, in my next blog I’ll let you know where you can view it.