Advanced Angler Back to Basics – Shaky Head 101

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Shaky Head Post ImageWelcome to’s Back to Basics video series.

In a world where fishing media is dominated by tournament specific information, the needs of anglers who want to do nothing more than catch a few more fish are often overlooked.  This film series is designed to give you an overview of techniques in the hopes of helping you choose your lures and equipment and give you the ability to catch a few more bass each time you hit the water.

This installment is about one of the best pure fish catchers on the market today, a Shaky Head.  This venerable worm and jighead combo is responsible for as many bass lifted over the gunwales of boats every year as any other product.  Today,’s managing editor Dan O’Sullivan shares basic tips to help you catch more bass.  In here he discusses different types of heads, worms to use, the rod reel and line types and even shows you how to tie an Albright Special knot to join braid to Fluorcarbon fishing lines.  He also demonstrates and explains the simplest retrieve to use and how to set the hook with this finesse technique.

Enjoy, and we hope it helps you catch ore fish.

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