Advanced Install – 2Step Outdoors

Power Pole



The Fisherman’s 2Step Installed on Dad’s Boat

One of the best parts of boat ownership is being able to rig it exactly how you want it.  Being able to find new, aftermarket items to install on your boat give the boat the personality you want, but it also makes it function exactly as you need it to.

In this edition of our Advanced Installs, we got to do the install for someone that I owe a great deal to, my dad, Mark O’Sullivan.  Dad is a bass angler himself, and when Bob Fair from 2Step Outdoors, Gerald Brown and Tommy Biffle  introduced me to this product, I knew it was perfect for dad’s boat.

The 2Step enables any boat owner to install a set of steps and a grab pole on the front of their trailer, much like the feature that Bass Cat engineered into their trailers several years ago, only as an aftermarket add on.

The 2Step is easy to install; as you’ll see in this video, sturdy and can be installed on boats with swing away tongue trailers, fixed trailers, or even ski and runaround boats. It makes launching and loading the boat much safer and easier because you now have steps with which to use,  and you no longer have to dangle off the front of your trailer to attach the bow strap or climb in the boat.

So, take a look at the install of 2Step on my dad’s boat, and if you want to learn more, check out

Fisherman’s 2Step Install from Advanced on Vimeo.