Advanced Letter to Santa

Power Pole

story by Jason Duran, Rob Lever and Dan O’Sullivan

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when bait slows down swimming, trout eaters start biting and Gore Tex starts working so be of good cheer – it’s the most, wonderful time of the year.

It’s Christmas time, and we wanted to take a minute to share our personal wish lists with you in hopes that they might help you when writing your letter to Santa Claus. Advanced Angler’s managing editor, Dan O’Sullivan, staffer Jason Duran and contributor Rob Lever, the founder of We Love to Fish organization have all decided to put their fishing related Christmas lists out for all of you to see.

Perhaps, if you print this article, you could just leave it around the house in strategic locations for your family to use as a shopping list when going to your favorite retailer.

Jason Duran
This year if I could have a dream Christmas list and the opportunity to sit on Santa’s lap there are just a few things I would like to ask him for this year. I haven’t had the opportunity to sit on his lap for a while so this year my plan is to go big or go home. Typically the lines here at the mall are hours and hours long and there are lots of crying kids in line.

I know Santa like the rest of us has probably had a tough year due to the economy and all but he has the Christmas magic and a wonderful team of amazing elves that can make some great stuff.

So top of my list this year is a pair of Power-Poles Santa, I would like the Blade edition. Last year I fished some really windy days and had a hard time keeping the boat in the right area and this year I would really like to be in the perfect spot to catch those fish. It would be nice just to drop the Power-Poles and fish all day.

While I am in that spot I would like to have and Lowrance HDS-8 Gen2 so that if I never catch them at least I could have the opportunity to have a chance to see them and even get a side angle view of them. While I am asking can I have two of those?

If and when I do catch them I would love to have a new lens for my Canon camera. I have been looking at the Canon 24-105 lens. So when I finally do catch that 10-pound bass, I can have a great picture to share with our Advanced Angler community.

Finally Santa, I would like a new Atlas Jack Plate for my boat. I love to fish shallow water and would really benefit from a shallow water take off and that little extra bow lift at wide open throttle to get me to my fishing spot.
Santa I know you have lots of people on your list but if you could find room in your sleigh for just one of those I will be happy.

Oh, and by the way, since we are dreaming, if you could let my wife know which one you are going to get so she can make her list to get me the other stuff.

Thank you Santa,

Rob Lever
Hi Santa, it’s Rob,

Please take a look at my list and if your elves can’t make it, most of these items are available at my local Bass Pro Shops. If you want, I can get you the part numbers. Plus, if it saves you any time, they have a free shipping promotion right now, so it’s okay if you have to use that.
Anyway, here is my list.

The Hydrowave is a perfect gift for any fisherman. With a motto like “Ignite a feeding frenzy-Are you ready” it is hard not to want it. This little addition to your trolling motor can pack a punch that many professional anglers boast about. The best thing about their endorsement is that most are not paid to do it. Developed by both scientists and anglers the Hydrowave is a speaker system that simulates predatory fish feeding on bait fish. When asked about the unit, most say that they can’t explain it. All they can say is that is can make weird things happen. If it takes a weird thing to happen to catch fish, then put one on my boat and let’s go out. Another pro for the Hydrowave is that it is very easy to install on your own. This makes it a perfect way to spend a winter afternoon while anxiously waiting the start of the season.

Sunglasses can be one of the most important tools a fisherman can have. That’s why the safest pair to invest in, is the Wiley-X Echo. Sporting “high velocity protection”, these glasses are a perfect fit for anybody looking to keep a pair of glasses for a long time. As fishermen we run up and down the lake and most of the times our glasses take the brunt of the damage. Not the Echo! These stylish ballistic sunglasses will take the abuse and help you become a better fisherman in the process. New this year is a light blocking gasket that weeds out needless light and helps you be a better sight fisherman. Wiley X backs their frames with a life time warranty that makes these glasses a sure fire win. If you have spent years looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses, then you want a pair of Wiley X. Come to think of it, they might even protect you from heavy snowflakes while delivering presents.

If you’re like me, then you have broken a few trolling motor ropes in your day. Many times I have had to perform minor surgery on my motor and in the process forgot about my tournament success. This year I want the G- Force handle for Christmas. This handle has a strong nylon jacketed stainless steel cable that proves to be rugged. Fitting most trolling motor models this can finally help us forget about cheap rope systems and never have worry about carrying extra systems with us. The G-Force Handle is endorsed by Elite series angler Gerald Swindle. Coming from one of the most honest guys in the sport, this system is a no brainer for any tournament angler in your life. This year I hope to have a G-Force instead of coal – or a broken trolling motor rope – in my stocking.

A little wrapped box under a tree generally means a little bit a bling for your wife, but not this year! That little wrapped box means a Pflueger President Low Profile Reel. Known for their long lasting products, Pflueger offers high quality parts at a reasonable price point. Having a smooth carbon fiber drag system this little package gives you the peace of mind you need when bringing that monster back to the boat. The dual break system makes this reel a great option for both power fishing and flipin and pitching. What impresses me the most is the aluminum frame can easily be removed to change your brake setting or perform maintenance.

This Christmas I am going to be happier than a kid with a Red Rider Bee Bee gun when I see that little box under the tree.

Thank you Santa!

Dan O’Sullivan
Dear Santa,

I know that you are getting older, as are the elves, and Rudolph and the Reindeer, so I will try to make this as simple as possible. I’ll try to keep it light, but I do have one heavy item that might require special handling.

The first item I really want is the T-H Marine Atlas Jackplate that Jason mentioned. I really need the 12-inch version for my Skeeter because the motor needs to be in the prime position for performance. I need the Atlas because I already have the Power Poles installed on my boat, and the Atlas has the pump mounted inside the plate. That will make for easy rigging.

I really want an aftermarket back up camera for installing in my tow vehicle. I don’t need a really fancy one, but one that helps me see my trailer and be able to line up for hookup in the mornings quicker would be wonderful.

I would like a Keel Guard protector for my Skeeter as well. It would be great for keeping the keel of the boat clean and scratch free when I am fishing in really shallow water, or when beaching the boat during weigh-ins and launch in the mornings.

Finally, I think I would really like a Roman Made Mother swimbait. I know that it is a really large lure with a high price tag, that may necessitate a new rod and reel purchase, but since it is used by Manubu Kurita – the current co-world record largemouth bass holder, I think it would be a great lure to throw on my lakes hear at home in the West. Of course, it will likely end up sitting next to my other high priced hard swimbaits in my shop after fishing it three or four times without a bite, but it would make a great conversation piece after that.

Actually, now that I think of it, fits better in the budget to get me two of the Jerry Rago Glideator swimbaits. It will have a very similar action to the Mother, but since I don’t like to carry only one of a lure, let’s stick to the Rago.

That’s about it for now, I’ll write back if I think of anything else.